RoofMart International, Inc.
Technical Sales Services


RMI’s unique support approach to contractors and specifiers serves as a model to match like-qualified experts at each phase of technical sales services to assist a building owner, specifier and contractor to integrate condition specific assessment for project viability, evaluation, pre-design, specifications, drawings and finished installation. This vertical integration of services is intended to provide a quality finished installation.

RMI analyzed successful contractors and specifiers. A common set of successful traits were evident; The owner or principal had surrounded themselves with quality experts at each phase of their business.

RMI came to the conclusion that the manufacturing sector has historically had the wrong approach in supporting its customers. Instead RMI’s technical sales model developed a team of internal specialists from point A to point Z including sales, technical experts, consultants, field services to assist contractors, consultants, architects and owners in every phase of a project without typical duplications and disconnects.  It just simply works. RMI also has an in-house minority services specialist to assist contractors in minority certification programs

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