Specifier Program





  • Interactive education.




  • Assisting specifiers in their interface with RMI system requirements utilizing CSI specifications and CAD details.
  • Realized specifier intent of design.
  • Reduced professional liability.
  • Reduced professional liability.
  • Reduce change orders, minimize overruns.
  • Extended product defect warranty coverage to specifier.
  • 30 year track record of performance.




  • Developed through the eyes and needs of the specifier to produce conditions specific project documentation. RMI’s Architectural Program has been developed looking through the eyes and needs of the specifier. RMI eliminated the typical project disconnects between a specifier, contractor and manufacturer.  It is intended to be an interactive extension of the specifier. Our in-house Architectural team has years of independently specifying RMI & other roofing/waterproofing systems.  RMI understands sitting on the Architects & Owners side of the table.




  • RMI has included detailed notes and comments allowing the specifier to compare existing system configurations against varying restrictions, and conditions to ensure finished condition specific documents.
  • Specification templates by substrate and existing roof system, in CSI format with a multitude of variations for preparation, repairs and finished system thickness.
  • Detail drawings are available in both PDF and DWG formats. Detail Notes provide a list of condition specific options for consideration.


Key Points:


  • CSI formatting to easily customize and match a specifiers project document format and font.
  • One-on-one access to 30 year in-house specifiers with over 15 years’ experience in RMI system design and installation.
  • One-on-one access to field service specialists.
  • Specifier FTP library for CSI specification templates, detail drawings, data sheets, bulletins, etc.
  • Historically our condition specific approach can “Reduce The Specifiers Professional Liability Exposure.
  • RMI understands that a Specifiers time is not free.  Following our format including review of project photos, documents and condition specific draft specification language, professional fee margins can be maintained or improved.  RMI can provide color coded CAD drawings for easier in-house manipulation and reduction in preparation.
  • RMI is so confident of our 30 Year performance track record that RMI will extend its product defect warranty coverage to the Architect, on a registered project by project basis.


Register Your Firm With RMI:


  • You will be assigned a specifier id#.
  • You will receive an introduction letter to our private specifier ftp site with a full line of specification tools as to include spec data, SDS, drawings, bulletins, CAD, CSI templates & scope of work.
  • Real time updates for all items listed above.
  • Your own private project folders.


Individual Project Registration:


  • Register each project with our convenient project check list. Prequalification form.  You will receive a pre-project/warranty number.
  • Rmi will review the project and discuss this with the project specifier for feasibility and condition specific requirements.
  • On an “as desired” basis, rmi will work with your project specifier in review or draft preparation of documents
  • Rmi product defect warranty coverage is extended to the architect/specifier for a period not to exceed 10 years dependent upon project design

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