RMI portals contain key information regarding our technical data, safety data, specifications, details, manuals, testing, bulletins and pricing for specifiers and contractors.  Access is limited to registered specifiers and RMI contractors.


Unlike some manufacturers, RMI believes a timely sharing of updated or new information is a key to project success.  All portal users receive real-time notifications when updated or new information is posted.  Both contractors and specifiers have their own secure project folders in which access is limited to RMI Technical Services and that contractor or specifier.  All members of the project team have real time notifications as project information evolves.


So why doesn’t RMI post all of their information for general public access?  Our technical model is one of project specific information in which historically typical project disconnects between a Specifier, Contractor and Manufacturer is removed.  Hence, we screen both specifiers and contractors.  We only want our products or technical information to be used on projects where all project team participants are on the same page.  We firmly believe that when all participants are on the same page, projects realize intent of design, come in at budget, a reduction in change orders and reduced liability exposure for all parties.

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