Direct Product Purchases


RMI has developed a direct sale program with public entities such as schools, city, state and federal agencies.  The program is intended to support RMI’s cooperative purchasing program.  Entities that are registered within programs, as TIPs, cannot only buy our time tested products for roof repair, they are also entitled to complimentary field training for their facility employees and/or interface with their local RMI roofing contractor.


Historically, we have found that a sound in-house maintenance program will save time and $$$, it also sets the table for larger maintenance or roof renovation programs that can cost effectively mix and match the building owner and roofing contractor personnel.


For more information or to enroll, please contact – or call 469-952-5842.


In the interim, here are a few short videos showing the durability of RMI products and what your own in-house personnel can accomplish through our training program.


View at our website:




RMI vs Coating Repair Race Test


RMI Flex Durability


RMI Thane Application


RMI is proud to be a vendor with TIPS Interlocal (Cooperative) Purchasing System # 2092415.


For further information on becoming a TIPS member, contact RMI or TIPS directly at (866-839-8477) Zack Buquet.

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