Published on February 4th, 2021

I am sure everyone knows the name of their roofing contractor and estimator who installed their roof. Most likely they know the name of the roofing material manufacturer whose materials were installed. Sound like enough to know but do you actually know who is on the installation crew, what are their credentials in the industry and what part do they play in the community?

Stiles Roofing of Lebanon and Springfield MO has been an RMI premier contractor installing RMI Flex/Thane sustainable roofs longer than most of the latest and greatest roof fluid/coating options have existed.  Heath Barber is considered an integral contractor within the RMI family. Quality has been a mainstay of this relationship. So, what makes them different than any other good quality contractor. It is their attention to detail including their own workers.
Stiles Roofing now has two ProCertified© Roofing Foreman, certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Through NRCA ProCertification©, NRCA’s national certification initiative, experienced workers who demonstrate substantial roofing skills and knowledge can become certified by NRCA in specific roof system installations. Currently, only 23 individuals nationwide hold the ProCertified Roofing Foreman Status and the only two certified individuals in Missouri are part of the Stiles Roofing team.
Stiles Roofing, Inc., founded in 1926, is one of the most respected contractors in the Midwestern United States. The Missouri-based contractor has established their reputation by providing quality installations and repairs, top-quality products and excellent craftsmanship.
A roof, especially fluid applied roofing is much like baking a cake. As a cake needs just the right amount of flour, eggs, spices, mixing, oven temperature and oven time, a fluid applied roof needs the same attention to detail including those on the roof. We will leave the cake to the good people in the school cafeteria but if you are looking for one of the most sustainable hail resistant roofs based upon years of real-world performance. Contact RMI or Stiles Roofing,, (417) 532-2050.  

The Roofing Alliance announces 2021 MVP Award Winners
Published on March 9th, 2021

The Roofing Alliance, celebrating 25 years as the foundation of NRCA, announced the winners of its 21st annual Most Valuable Player Awards March 5 during NRCA’s Industry Awards Virtual Ceremony.
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  • Riann Cayaban, foreman, Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing, HI, Inc., Waipahu, Hawaii
  • Mike Crawford, foreman, ABC Roofing, a Tecta America Company, LLC, Portland, Ore.
The winners in the outstanding performance/other noteworthy contributions outside the workplace category include:
  • Jeffrey Doll, warehouse employee, CentiMark Corporation, Canonsburg, Pa.
  • Tim Hollo, field worker and foreman, 1st Choice Roofing, Cleveland
Winners in both categories include:
The Best of the Best Award winner also was announced during NRCA’s Industry Awards Virtual Ceremony. Arturo Lopez, foreman for Stiles Roofing Inc., Lebanon, Mo., won the Best of the Best Award. Lopez was named the best of the best based on his extraordinary contributions to the roofing industry.
The MVP Awards program and the Best of the Best Award special category recognize and honor outstanding roofing workers who achieve work-related and personal goals to which others aspire. The Best of the Best Award is sponsored by Professional Roofing and OMG Roofing Products Inc., Agawam, Mass. Winners for both awards are chosen based on their significant contributions to outstanding on-the-job performance/workmanship and outstanding performance/other noteworthy contributions outside the workplace; each category is judged separately, and individuals can be nominated for one or both categories. Award winners are chosen by a panel of roofing industry representatives.
For more information about the MVP Awards program, click here or contact Bennett Judson, the Roofing Alliance’s executive director, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7513 or

Every Picture Tells A Story-How Accurate Is Yours?
Published on January 15th, 2021

Over 25 years ago, members of RMI Senior Management were introduced to Andie McCarthy of Meridian Design Services. Over the years, they have worked on many projects together including the development of RMI drawings. But this is not a story about RMI but the unique talents of MDS and Andie ( – 630-910-4970).
While many of you may not readily recognize the talent behind MDS, you have no doubt seen her work developing drawings for the NRCA Detail Manuals, Roof & Sheet Metal Manufacturer Drawings, Trade Show Layouts, Site Maps, Roofing & Waterproofing Details, Elevation Drawings, Roof Plans, Project Drawings, Drawings for Courtroom Litigation and Contractor Submittal Construction Drawings.
While that would be enough to qualify most anyone in our industry; Andie is also proficient in preparing graphics for Asbestos Abatement, Geotechnical CA, 2d/Isometric created in AutoCad 2021 & Revit 2021, Geotechnical CAD, GSA Standardized CAD, Nuclear Moisture Roof Survey CAD, Solid Modeling /3D CAD Graphics & Animation, Pointcloud to Model Graphics and more.
Per RMI VP of Technical Services "Andie has a unique understanding of most all facets of the project. That directly impacts accuracy of drawings and less revisions from a firsthand knowledge of most roofing & waterproofing systems. This in turn has a positive project impact upon her client’s projects along with faster turnaround times & accuracy often resulting in a reduction in liability & improved margins for roof designers & specifiers than utilizing their own in-house capabilities. As a roof consultant for over 20 years, I can personally attest to this."
Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding RMI & Andie developing a true design/build service interfacing with Owners, Specifiers & Contractors by incorporating real time manufacturer review for product applicability & warranty approval saving not only valuable design time but intent of design accuracy. RMI is grateful for the longstanding partnership with Meridian Design Services.
RMI solutions can be your solution; contact me regarding this and other new programs including connecting women professionals in the roofing, waterproofing and construction industries;

Native American-Casino-Roof Solution
Published on January 14th, 2021

A 4 Star resort and casino for a Native American tribe located in AZ.  RMI has a history of working on schools on reservations. This particular casino is in the process of expansion and many of the existing roofs were in need of renovation or replacement. There is no down time to simply remove or fix one of the roofs as the casino operates 24/7. The existing roofs were of varying roof decks and varying configurations from ballasted single ply, to asphaltic, to SPF, to metal roof panels. All with some degree of attempted roof repair. The problem was how to address varying roof systems in a manner not to impact 24/7 operations as well as have a uniform roof system that could be maintained.

The casino brought in a trusted RMI roofing contractor Advanced Precision Roofing, of Mesa AZ, who in turn contacted RMI whom had previously provided roof solutions. While ultimately all of the aforementioned roofs received the RMI-Flex/Thane roof system, this is the story of the Main Casino – Bingo Hall roof. This particular roof had a concrete deck, rigid board insulation, loose laid EPDM single play and large river rock ballast.

The question was if the existing roof system components could be reused as part of the roof solution as to maintain the visual appeal of the rock without a significant impact to casino operations.  After extensive review, forensics and evaluation & roof system design it was agreed that the river rock ballast be removed, cleaned and reinstalled over a new system where the existing rigid board insulation remain as well as the EPDM. A full application of RMI-Flex was installed over all roof surfaces. Then a lighter coat of RMI-Thane was applied to prevent tacking of a new stone guard mat. The cleaned river rock was reinstalled to complete the finished roof system which should remain functional for the foreseeable future. The project was completed in 2015 and is fully functional without issue to date. The attached photos show the installation of the RMI Flex/Thane system but do not include the reinstallation of the cleaned river rock by others. RMI solutions can be your solution; contact me for a free review of your project,

Industrial/Agricultural Applications
Published on December 23rd, 2020

Over the years RMI has been focused upon providing high end fluid applied systems for commercial roofs. One such project was at the Export Grain Terminal in Longview WA. where the grain elevators were encapsulated with the RMI system. This was not a job for either a novice system or uninitiated contractor. RMI had been working with Apex Painting, of Owatonna MN, a specialty painting contractor for such applications.
Unlike many systems, RMI Flex excels in cold weather applications. The system can be applied to temperatures below 32F. Between new construction, surface preparation and weather conditions, Apex pulled it off. We are happy to say that 10 years later it is performing with no issues. That speaks volumes for roofs that inherently take a lot of abuse when the right applicator and the right products are employed.
It is also compatible with metal, BUR, MB, TPO, EPDM, SPF, LIC and PVC existing roofs. A few years ago RMI decided that the same commercial applications were perfect for RV roofs. One advantage for RV roofs is that this system can be used for either a repair or full roof. If you would like more technical details and RMI system information, contact me. Lets chat to determine if RMI solutions can be your solution!

Community Center/Severe Ponding Solution
Published on December 3th, 2020

This facility has had several occupancies over the years with that of the current Senior Center at the time of the project. The dilemma facing the city was an aging building that sometime over the next 5-10 years was slated for demolition and building a new facility. Great in theory but reality was funding and any solution had to take that into account. They needed a roof system, if needed could be extended to 10-15 years or more life cycle. If this was not enough the structure also presented problems.
  • The existing roof system(s) could not be removed.
  • The existing roof had sever and we mean severe ponding along one of the walls which leaked for years.
  • Any additional weight had to be minimal.
  • And the crowning jewel of complication was a significant portion of the existing roof was covered with aged metal ductwork that could not be removed and needed to remain in service until the building was torn down.
The city brought in a roof consulting firm, whom had previously provided RMI roof solutions to work with the city, city engineers and RMI to find a solution.

After a detailed review of existing building design, forensics, evaluation & roof system design it was agreed that the existing asphalt roof system would remain in place. The severe ponding area would be addressed with multiple leveling coats of RMI-Flex. The existing ductwork would remain and be refurbished with repairs of RMI-Flex and the entire roof surface received a heavy application of RMI-Flex. To complete the roof, at the request of the city, a white urethane coating (RMI White Plus) was applied to all roof and metal ductwork and equipment. After about a year, the RMI-White Plus started to delaminate in the severe ponding areas. It was replaced with RMI-Thane which is highly resistant in ponding conditions due the moisture bonding properties between Flex & Thane. It is RMI’s understanding that the facility is currently still in service and appears to be that way for the foreseeable future. RMI solutions can be your solution; contact me for no obligation consultation.

Improving a Great Idea for a New Economic Climate!
Published on November 19th, 2020

It is no secret that the events of 2020 will impact all aspects of life, including roofing, for years to come. Regardless of budget short comings roofs will continue to leak and degrade without viable and practical solutions.

RMI adapted its ongoing practice of Owner Building Grouping (OGP) to assist building owners, specifiers and roofing contractors to meet this challenge. So why should the RMI program succeed where others have had shortcomings? Here is a quick overview:

  • A set of buildings are grouped either by campus, individual locations or within a portfolio.
  • Buildings are evaluated to ascertain anticipated existing roof life expectancy and future desired roof life expectancy with the RMI system. RMI has some roofs going on 30 years.
  • A scope of immediate & short term RMI repairs are developed to make individual roofs water tight. At the end of the designated immediate repair period the remaining roof areas are completed and a full warranty issued thus eliminating the cost of doing things twice. If future monies are not available to complete individual roofs for full warranty, they are still maintainable.
Why RMI In Lieu Of Typical Coatings Or Conventional Roll Roof Systems !!!!

  • RMI offers real world hail resistant systems.
  • RMI systems/repairs can be installed year-round. RMI is not limited to warm weather applications.
  • Less impact on building occupancy than asphalt, modified bitumen, single ply and other roof coating systems.
  • Animal Fat / Contaminant Resistant
  • Reduced number of installation workers to more safely interface with owner employees.
  • RMI’s Flex sets up and is watertight in minutes not days.
  • RMI’s Flex 100% solids do not shrink during curing and leave voids on metal roof panels thus eliminating fabric reinforcements.
  • Over 700% elongation in cold winter weather. Yes, that is not a typo.
With over 30 years of experience RMI knows what works. The building owners’ roof should not be a test site for the latest and greatest replacing the last latest and greatest roofing concept. Let us know how we may best serve you on your next project!

RMI Waterproofs National Museum
Published on November 13th, 2020

Founded in 1914, the Royal Ontario Museum showcases art, culture and nature from around the world and across the ages. Among the top 10 cultural institutions in North America, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum is home to a world-class collection of 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens, featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces. For those in the US, it would be the equivalency of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
While being an architectural wonder, its complex design of the Prism’s has had inherent issues with waterproofing. The complex nature of having overlapping metal roof coverings made the issue of roof waterproofing a detailed undertaking. As field testing and feasibility of many fluid applied roofing products and solutions were considered from a variety of manufacturers, the ROM settled upon the use of the RMI-Flex/Thane fluid applied roofing system.
With the input of RMI, Semple-Gooder Roofing Corporation and ROM project engineers, a specific minimum mil thickness and flashing applications were developed. The first phase of the project (Crystal Face C2.4) started with extensive scaffolding and safety protocol to remove the outer metal cover. Cleaning and preparation came next followed by the application of RMI-Flex / Thane. Upon completion the outer metal cover was to be reinstalled. Unfortunately severe winter occurred as to include rains took place with the RMI Flex exposed to the elements. While unfortunate for the overall project completion, the cold weather and heavy rains had no impact on the installation and subsequent water resistance of the RMI system (zero leaks) until such a time the outer metal cover can be reinstalled.

RMI looks forward to its installation on the remaining Crystals. On a side note the same RMI system configuration was also installed on the skylights section of the building. Thank you for choosing RMI as your trusted partner!! Contact me to discuss roofing solutions,; (469) 952-5842 x105.

Do You Have the Right Contractor for Severe Weather Roofing Solutions?
Published on November 11th, 2020

“Over the years RMI has been focused upon providing high end fluid applied systems for commercial roofs. In 2013 Stiles Roofing of MO installed a full RMI system over an existing aged modified bitumen roof system. In 2019 a storm producing 3” hail hit and caused millions in damage in about 15 mins with over $500,000 in roof damages to adjacent buildings across the school campus. The RMI roof system suffered no damage. The hail even dented 24 gauge steel cap metal and gutter, but didn't hurt the RMI roof.
Yes the RMI system is highly hail resistant but this is not a story just about the RMI system. This is a story about how the optimal performance of any roof system is contractor dependent. Roof installation requires dedication and understanding of all facets of roofing.  Without analysis of the existing roof, without proper repairs, without proper surface preparation, without skilled installing technicians, without applying full rates of material, without oversite of installing weather conditions and a host of other items, even the best of materials may be subject to premature failure or shortened life spans.

A roof, especially fluid applied roofing is much like baking a cake. As a cake needs just the right amount of flour, eggs, spices, mixing, oven temperature and oven time, a fluid applied roof needs same attention listed in the previous paragraph. We will leave the cake to the good people in the school cafeteria but if you are looking for one of the most hail resistant roofs based upon years of real word hail performance, give RMI (469) 952-5842 x105 or Stiles Roofing (417) 532-2050 a call. “

Canadian Township Arena Almost Without a Roof and Hockey
Published on November 4th, 2020

As most communities across Canada the local arena has been the hub of the community. The dilemma facing this township was that of an aging building in which the roof simply had lost its functionality. After exhausting all available known remedies it was slated for demolition and building a new facility. Furthermore, many of the arena’s hockey programs, Jr. Hockey Club and other patrons of the arena would have to move their leagues / activities to another town. With a history of leaks, and thousands of fasteners from solar array on the roof the township felt there was no other option than to replace the entire structure with a significant cost to the community. They needed a roof system that if required could be extended to a 10-15 year or more life cycle. If this was not enough the structure also presented problems.
  • The existing roof system(s) could not be removed.
  • The existing roof had severe and we mean severe leaks within the solar panel array.
  • With a new building, the cost of moving the existing solar array would most likely be prohibitive..
  • Any additional weight to the structure had to be minimal.
  • And the crowning jewel of complication was if the building could be saved was how to remain in service during roofing without impact to community events.
By fate RMI’s corporate sale manager was a resident in the community and reached out to the township knowing that the RMI Fluid Applied membrane may be the last and only option to save the arena. Recent similar ‘can’t leak’ projects like one RMI recently completed at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), made RMI very confident that an RMI solution would resolve the issue.  
After a detailed review of existing building design, forensics, evaluation & roof system design with the township and its engineers, it was agreed that the existing metal roof system and solar panel supports would remain in place and be encapsulated with the same RMI system as installed at the ROM and other structures. The solution was brought to the town council and eventually approved as a last ditch effort to save the season. Since the installation of the RMI system the arena has continued use and occupancy. While a new expanded arena is a priority for the township, unfortunately recent requests for funding has not been forthcoming. The RMI roof system will continue to serve the township for at least another year or many years to come until their new larger arena can be built. As an update the same repairs, to a smaller scale, have been implemented on another community arena. RMI anticipates more of the same across Canada and the US.
Thank you for choosing RMI as a trusted partner!! Contact me for more project photos and to discuss roofing solutions.